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Whether you are a landlord trying to evict a wayward tenant, or you need representation because your landlord won’t do necessary repairs, McGohey Law, PLLC is ready to talk with you about your legal needs.

McGohey Law, PLLC has experience with the full gamut of landlord-tenant issues, from nonpayment of rent evictions to Consumer Protection Act actions against landlords. McGohey Law, PLLC has the experience to provide frank advice and aggressive representation in whatever landlord-tenant situation you encounter.

For a limited time, McGohey Law, PLLC is offering a $500 flat fee for nonpayment of rent evictions. Call or e-mail our office for complete details.

Saving Landlords Money

Landlord tenant issues can get complicated. When you are a property owner and you have a tenant that is refusing to pay their rent, trying to fight the tenant in court without legal representation can be a big hassle. To avoid wasting your time in court, and having apartments that aren’t generating income, hiring McGohey Law, PLLC will solve your tenant problems.

It can be difficult to evict a tenant, and evictions require the timely filing of the correct paperwork. To avoid missing deadlines and having to start the eviction process over again, it’s important to work closely with an attorney that can help you.

Fighting for Tenants

If you are a tenant facing an unfair eviction, legal representation in Manchester or the surrounding area is essential. You don’t want an eviction on your record, as this can prevent you from getting a different apartment in the future.

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